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Christo Grozev at “Behind the Digital Curtain”

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Christo Grozev – the winner of the European Press Prize for Investigative Journalism in 2019, visited our conference ‘Behind the Digital Curtain’. Mr. Grozev was one of the keynote speakers of the conference where he announced that he is launching a foundation that should help journalists to improve their skills and provide them with the tools to do their job in a more efficient way.

He said that Russia’s hybrid attacks are not a new thing of the twenty-first century; they existed long before back to the times of Alexander III. Mr. Christo also noted that the methods, which Russians use in their attacks are different, therefore he distinguishes three key threats: Al trolls, capture of gate-keepers, total loss of reputation cost.

Christo Grozev said that the Kremlin does not tell the truth and even if it is exposed internationally for its cyber operations, Russia has little to lose reputationally.Mr Grozev gave an example from one of the leading Russian TV hosts – Mr Solovyov – who flies over to the lake Como every weekend and yet he comes back to work every Monday to broadcast all over Russia about how ‘rotten’ the West is.

Thereupon, if it’s almost nothing to lose for Russia, then who will be responsible for the international world order? After all international legal disobediences, Russia got its place back in the PACE last week.

By Oleksandra Domagalo

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