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#7 Ukraine: Up to date

We are back with a brand new podcast episode of “Ukraine: Up to date.” This time, we have a special episode in a new format for you, where we take an in-depth look into two topics:

00:40- Five moments of 2020

We are starting today’s episode off with a recap of 2020. Of course, the fight against COVID-19 is an issue but we are also talking about the constitutional crisis, the local elections, the state budget for 2021, and education.

15:34- Vaccination and its safety: Who is responsible?

Today, we find ourselves at the stage when ‘back to normal’ from the pandemic seems within reach. Governments and international organisations claim that return to normalcy hinges upon the scale and speed of vaccination. They call on their citizens to show solidarity to ensure that herd immunity is achieved. However, a substantial number of citizens, even in developed countries, have vaccine hesitancy. On February 23, 2020, VoxUkraine, jointly with Promote Ukraine (Brussels), held an open discussion on vaccination and the responsibility for it. Today, we talk about the outcomes of that discussion.

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