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Behind the Digital Curtain by Promote Ukraine

A hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine and Europe, the cyber-meddling into modern democracies, cyber hygiene and effective methods to counteract. All these issues have been raised during the international conference “Behind the digital curtain” in Brussels organized by Promote Ukraine NGO along with its partners.

Experts from 11 countries, including Ukraine and Russia discussed, argued and looked for solutions in the long-going cyber-war. Want to know what they think – watch our post-conference video!

Feedback about Behind the Digital Curtain: 

Lviv University:

Ministry of Information Policy:


Mission of Ukraine to the EU:

Institute of Innovative Governance:

Marius Laurinavicius:

Taras Shevchenko:

Alya Shandra:

Igor Kotsiuba:

Anna Melenchuk:

Olga Yurkova:

Piret Pernik:

Oleksandra Tsekhanovska:

Iva Tasheva:




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