Cybersecurity conference, organised by Promote Ukraine in Brussels in 2019




Digital Battlefields and the “Weaponization” of Thought

Cyberwar of Russia against Ukraine and the West 1.0

Proceedings of the conference Behind the Digital Curtain

About Behind the Digital Curtain

Alya Shandra on the Surkov Leaks and Russia’s information war on the West

Behind the Digital Curtain in Pictures

Christo Grozev at “Behind the Digital Curtain”

A look inside the Russian Information War

A Fast Empirical Method for Detecting Fake News

Extraction, integration and data processing in the SIEM «SPLUNK»

The importance of elaborated training for information security specialists

Autonomous Weapons, Cyberattacks, and AI

“Legal asymmetry” in the context of liability of the cyber-attacks

The hybrid war of Russia. What are the tools and methods of the cyber army?

Modern Cyber Weaponry

The Kremlin’s cyber contractors