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Georgian-Ukrainian International Afterwork in Brussels

On 4 June 2019, we had our common International Afterwork of Ukrainian and Georgian communities of Brussels, which was organized by Valentyna Parsaieva together with Yuliya Shutyak of Promote Ukraine. We are also thankful to CUSec Shot Bar for hosting us, Adam Levy for cooperation and BrunoMarsPhotography for the wonderful pictures from event.

The guests of our evening could enjoy some of the traditional dishes, such as khinkali, which is a special Georgian dumping; salo, which is a white pork fat – a very common appetizer for Ukrainian table and horilka, which is a Ukrainian alcoholic beverage with about 40 percent alcohol by volume. In the best traditions of Ukrainian hospitality – Valentyna and Yulia made sure that no one leaves a table hungry

We were very glad to share our culture with guests. As it is widely known, Ukrainians as well as Georgians are very friendly and welcoming. We love to spend time in large groups and gatherings. Hence, if you happen to come to a party either in Ukraine, or in Georgia you do not have to worry that you are a foreigner, because as a part of our nature we like to make any stranger to feel like home.

An afterwork became a huge success and we believe that the best way to learn the culture of Ukraine and Georgia is to enter a mutual cultural exchange, which was possible thanks to our event. We were very happy that our guests could share their cultures freely and without explicit or implicit coercion of any kind. We would be very happy to host such events in the future too, so stay tuned for more updates and we hope to see you soon.

by Oleksandra Domagalo

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