Damn you, Russians, to hell! This night, when people were sleeping in their homes, the Russian occupiers launched another attack on the peaceful city of Kyiv. More than 10 explosions rang out in a few minutes.

missile attack on Kyiv
A missile hit a children’s polyclinic in Kyiv.

The enemy sneakily attacks with land-launched ballistic and cruise missiles from Iskander short-range ballistic missile system. Therefore, there is not much time to hide in shelters. In total, 10 Iskander ballistic and cruise missiles were launched from the northern direction – the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation.

All 10 were destroyed by the air defence forces and means of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: seven Iskander-M ballistic missiles and three Iskander-K cruise missiles.

Unfortunately, as a result of the anti-aircraft battle, people were killed and injured, with children among them! Three people, including an 11-year-old child, were killed. Ten people, including a child, were injured.

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