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Online Discussion ‘Adapt or Disappear: How NGOs Have Adapted to Pandemic and War’

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We invite you on September 22 to talk about how public organizations can face challenges and continue to implement their mission

In March 2022, Vox Ukraine, together with the Belgian NGO Promote Ukraine,n planned to present a study on how Ukrainian and European non-governmental organisations adapted their activity to the challenges of the pandemic. But Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine forced us to postpone the presentation of the study. To update it, we conducted in July 2022 a survey of Ukrainian NGOs about their work during the war and whether the experience of adapting to the pandemic helped them survive this difficult year.

We invite you to join the event at 12:00 on 22 September, and talk about how NGOs can confront challenges and continue to fulfil their mission when the world or country enters a zone of turbulence. We are sure that the tools and practices developed by NGOs during the pandemic and war will remain relevant in the future, both in the everyday activities of NGOs and for quick and effective response to force majeure.

The event’s working language is Ukrainian. Interpretation is not provided.


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Source: Vox Ukraine

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