Is there a Magic Formula to Solve a Conflict in the East of Ukraine

Ukraine agreed to the so called Steinmeier formula that aims to bring forward the process to resolve the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine. It might lead to the first real progress in five years, but only if the Ukrainian leadership finds a very delicate balance.

What is Steinmeier formula? Why protests against Steinmeier formula? Could Steinmeier formula be a magic one?Find the answers in the Article of YURIY SHEYKO, A FREELANCE CORRESPONDENT BASED IN BRUSSELS, FOR PROMOTE UKRAINE.


Cyberwar of Russia against Ukraine and the West 1.0

The perspective for a global cyber-war is becoming more real than ever. More and more countries are creating cyber-divisions within their armies, and, within media, notifications of cyber-attacks on objects of critical infrastructure are becoming more frequent.

Expressions such as the ‘weaponization of thoughts’ and ‘cyber-weapons’ are entering the everyday lexicon of experts and human rights activists alike.   Within the context of cyber-wars, Russia is perhaps the country that is most heard of. Despite having outdated technologies, compared to the West, Russia’s ability to conduct cyber-operations and informational warfare should not be underestimated. In the last 10 years, almost every country located within the orbit of Russian political interests has been a victim of Russian meddling. Cyber-attacks, informational and propaganda operations, attacks on objects of critical infrastructure, the bribing and intimidation of political opponents are repeatedly brought to light by NGOs, authorities and the victims themselves.

What is the difference between the Kremlin’s methods now as opposed to the past? How does Moscow use these methods against Ukraine and the West? Watch in the video, prepared for you by Promote Ukraine.