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Russia Starts to Fill Nord Stream 2 with Gas

Nord Stream - 2

Nord Stream 2 will start to be filled with gas on 11 June as the offshore section of the gas pipeline’s first string is technically complete, Russian media reported with reference to the Nord Stream 2 operator.

“The offshore part of one line of Nord Stream 2 has been mechanically completed. The offshore pipeline sections have been interconnected. Nord Stream 2 will start to be filled with gas on 11 June,” reads the statement.

As a reminder, the United States, Ukraine, and the Baltic states actively oppose the completion of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. It not only improves the geopolitical and socio-economic situation in Russia, but also gives the Kremlin new opportunities for “hybrid action” in the international arena and interference in the domestic affairs of other countries.

After the pipeline is commissioned, Russian gas supplies to Europe will increase. As the design capacity of Nord Stream 2 is 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year, Russia is likely to increase its share in the European gas market to 40%.

Experts believe that once Nord Stream 2 is built, Ukraine will not only lose gas transit revenues (from two to three billion dollars a year), but also Ukraine’s GTS will have to be put on hold partially or dismantled.

At least 18 European companies have stopped participating in the project or are in the process of leaving it due to the threat of U.S. sanctions.

Natalia Tolub

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