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Security Service Identifies New Collaborators Who Joined Occupation ‘Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs’ in Kherson Region

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Measures are being taken to identify and prosecute those involved in crimes against Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine continues to expose traitors and collaborators in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. As a result of the operational activity, the identities of six more enemy henchmen who joined the “main department of the ministry of internal affairs in the Kherson region” created by the occupiers were established.

The pseudo-formation fulfils the Kremlin’s task to suppress resistance and intimidate residents of temporarily occupied areas. Criminal actions occur through mass repressions, persecution, and unlawful detention of citizens.

Victims are subjected to psychological pressure, violence, and threats of physical violence. The facts of abduction and torture have been documented.

To date, according to the Security Service’s files, the following “officials” of the occupation agency have been served with notices of charges of collaborative activity:

The officers of the Security Service of Ukraine collected all identifying data on each collaborator, documented criminal activities, and established their locations and movement routes.

Comprehensive measures are underway to bring each of them to justice for crimes against Ukraine.

Natalia Tolub

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