• Behind the Digital Curtain – Video-Overview

    A hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine and Europe, the cyber-meddling into modern democracies, cyber hygiene and effective methods to counteract. All these issues have been raised during the international conference "Behind the digital curtain" in Brussels organized by Promote Ukraine NGO along with its partners. Experts from 11 countries,

  • The hybrid war of Russia. What are the tools and methods of the cyber army?

    In the past 10 years most of the countries within the orbit of Russian political interests, suffered some sort of Russian meddling. Experts say, that modern tools and methods do not differ much from those used at the time of the Cold War. The only thing that makes a difference

  • UA in EU Watch – April 2019

    The surrealistic presidential elections in Ukraine provoked a real surge in Europe's information space. The story of a comedian, without any prior political experience, who suddenly turned into a president, became central on TV news, in leading newspapers and even appeared in the Dutch showcase. So, for the time being,

  • UA in EU Watch – February 2019

    The last 5 years have changed Ukraine a lot: civil war in the East, high utility and gas tariffs.... The path to Europe turned out to be a hoax. A lot has been changed but not the authorities.The same people with the same methods are fighting for the presidential post.