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Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council Imposes Sanctions on Father of Putin’s Godchild

The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) imposed sanctions on MP Viktor Medvedchuk, who is known for his pro-Russian views and is the father of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s godchild.

According to the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Oleksiy Danilov, sanctions were imposed on five citizens of the Russian Federation (Konstantin Vatskovskyi, Vitaliy Donchenko, Sergei Lisogor, Mikhail Popov and Alexander Masliuk) and three citizens of Ukraine (Natalia Lavreniuk, common-law wife of Taras Kozak, on whom sanctions were imposed on February 2, MP Viktor Medvedchuk and his wife Oksana Marchenko).

Danilov also added that economic restrictions against Medvedchuk and his wife had been imposed over financing terrorism, while the Security Service of Ukraine carried out criminal proceedings involving these individuals.

Later, the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council noted that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies were investigating corruption schemes taking place in Ukraine since 1991 and the decisions would soon be adopted to allow the return of stolen assets to Ukrainian people.

“Then there will be [investigations into] offshores, then property, everything that has been stolen from the Ukrainian people since 1991. All that will be returned to the Ukrainian people… At the next meetings of the National Security and Defence Council, you will see more and more interesting things. And there will be [decision concerning] members of Parliament, many people, who have never worked anywhere but have huge fortunes. Everyone will return [stolen assets], including what concerns the Ukrainian subsoils,” Danilov summed up.

He also promised that the information would soon be published about people “who have business in Russia, earn money there and then spend it to brainwash us.”

It is reported that the National Security and Defence Council also adopted decision to “take urgent measures” to return to state ownership a part of the pipeline, the sale of which was linked to Medvedchuk. This asset, without privatisation, without a decision of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, turned out to be owned by people registered in a foreign country.

Meanwhile, Viktor Medvedchuk considers the imposed sanctions illegal.

“Sanctions on me and my fellow faction member Taras Kozak, as well as members of our families, were imposed illegally, without any evidence. As a legal expert, I can say that all the sanctions imposed by the current authorities on me, my family, my colleagues and journalists are illegal and can be applied exclusively by the court order,” the politician assured.

He added that he had been and remained to be a law-abiding citizen, and the authorities would not be able to put forward legitimate and substantiated claims.

Bohdan Marusyak

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