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Unprecedented Number of International Guests of Highest Level Expected on 30th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba provided a brief on the preparation of three key events to mark the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence: the inaugural summit of the Crimean Platform, the first Kyiv Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen, and the Independence Day military parade.

“We expect an unprecedented number of international guests of the highest level: heads of state and government, heads of parliaments, members of governments. These few days will testify to Ukraine’s authority in the international arena and the respect of partners for the Ukrainian state in this landmark year,” Kuleba said.

On the initiative of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine has created the first international format for discussing the situation in Crimea, threats of Russian occupation, and ways to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty over the peninsula, the minister reminded.

“The Crimean Platform is an example of the formation of a new security architecture when, in contrast to large established alliances, we create an association of like-minded people to implement a simple and concrete task: countering the threats of Russian occupation of Crimea and de-occupying our peninsula,” he noted.

The minister stated that 28 countries and international organisations already confirmed their participation in the inaugural summit of the Crimean Platform: “It will be an unprecedented international event in the history of Ukraine. So many states have never gathered in Ukraine for such an event. This result already allows saying with confidence that we managed to form the core of the international coalition for the liberation of Crimea.”

Kuleba expects the participation of all leading partner countries of Ukraine in Europe and North America. The Crimean Declaration, which is almost agreed upon, is the final document of the Summit to enshrine the fundamentally important provisions for Ukraine.

Kuleba reminded that the Summit would mark the beginning of persistent and long-term activity of the Crimean Platform in five priority areas:

“Crimea has already become a suitcase without a handle for Russia. The Crimean Platform will turn it into an unliftable load,” the minister concluded.

Natalia Tolub

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