People were killed and injured in yet another missile attack launched by the Russian army on Zaporizhzhia city. Police are working at the site of the attack.

At 19:20 on 10 August, the enemy again insidiously attacked the regional center. An enemy Iskander-K missile hit a civilian infrastructure object. Currently, it is known that 16 victims, including four children and one woman, were killed.

The Ministry of Defence reported that a children’s day camp was functioning in the territory of the Reikartz Hotel in Zaporizhzhia, which the Russians attacked with missiles on Thursday evening.

After the Russian attack, the number of wounded in Zaporizhia increased to 16, four of them children
In Zaporizhzhia, as a result of another rocket attack by the Russian army, there are dead and wounded. The police are working at the site of the attack

“The Reikartz Hotel in Zaporizhzhia, which Russian terrorists hit today with missiles, is the territory of a children’s day camp for children aged 6 to 13. The camp was open daily until 18:00, while the shelling began around 19:00. Only a miracle saved the children today from Russian killers in time,” the statement reads.

The facade of the hotel building and 10 cars nearby were also damaged. Parked cars caught fire; it was put out by the State Emergency Service. The blast wave also damaged two high-rise buildings.

Natalia Tolub

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