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Do you want to get in contact with experts in economics, law, and politics, and help them convey their thoughts to the authorities on the other side of the border? How to make people think and discuss in a civilised manner? Brussels Ukraїna Review has found the answer.

Brussels Ukraїna Review offers leading experts from Ukraine and the European Union the opportunity to comment on the situation regarding relations between Ukraine, Russia, and the EU in the format of an ‘advisory vote’ – even when they believe that it is better to be silent. So, let’s read!

Working in both Brussels and in Kyiv, with an extensive network of partners (experts, journalists, officials, politicians, and representatives of non-governmental organizations and international institutions) in the European Union (EU) and Ukraine, Brussels Ukraїna Review consolidates and represents Ukrainian expertise in Europe, as well as European expertise in Ukraine.

Usually, the discourse remains behind the closed doors of conferences, meetings, and various events, providing an opportunity for dialogue only to select participants, while behind the scenes of official representations and international organizations there remains a large number of competent specialists who only feed on their own experience, but cannot share it.

‘The voices of experts are not heard amidst the information noise, with new technologies – such as social networks, video blogs and podcasts, and personal webpages – giving everyone the tools to speak publicly. A lot of articles, comments with important expert viewpoints are often lost. We strive to strengthen them, to get those voices heard. The noise is our enemy, and we have already declared war on him. Promote Ukraine has been fighting with him for years’, says Marta Barandiy, Chief Editor of Brussels Ukraїna Review and founder of Promote Ukraine  ( We believe that opinions on any given situation in the world, Europe, or Ukraine should be expressed by experts, people who read, analyse, and consider the situation from all possible viewpoints.

So, it is them that the Brussels Ukraïna Review platform was created.

Promote Ukraine determined a philosophy that corresponds to a metamodernist vision of the world. Through Brussels Ukraïna Review, first of all, we embody our own belief that the truth is somewhere in-between’, says Maxim Stepanov, digital marketing director of Promote Ukraine. ‘We believe that everything around us is politics, whether we want it or not. Those who have knowledge, specialisation, and vision should speak out loud because they create politics, regardless of whether they speak or are silent.’

And as it is known, the hottest place in hell is reserved for those who are silent when they are expected to talk.

Brussels Ukraïna Review ensures that those who have something important to say can speak, and those who make decisions are able to hear them. And that is why the media overcomes the language barrier between experts from both sides.

Against the closure of UATV, a Ukrainian media outlet which broadcasted in a number of languages, including English and Ukrainian, the appearance of the bilingual Brussels Ukraïna Review is timelier than ever. A series of the magazine’s presentations in Brussels and Kyiv, and its distribution among European and Ukrainian PMs, European media, officials, diplomats, and business club members showed that the magazine’s strategy is right.

Brussels Ukraïna Review is a platform wrapped in extraordinary design and reinforced by bold illustrations and video stories (in the online version). It is open to civil society professionals who have no other way of delivering information to those who make decisions on the other side of the border. It provides experts an opportunity to express ‘non-mainstream’ ideas and even argue.

The magazine is designed to help influential (in the sense of decision-making) readers on both sides of the border to understand the reasons for dissatisfaction with a particular local situation. At the same time, it will reveal to the readers from the civil society the intentions and actions of those who make decisions on the other side, since the editorial staff is ready to ask ‘uncomfortable’ questions, the focus of which is the rule of law, freedom, and humanism.

Thus, be sure to read and download Brussels Ukraïna Review, send it to friends, and do not forget about Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You are also invited to the presentations of Brussels Ukraïna Review that take place in Brussels and Kyiv every three months, and to share your expertise in the magazine.


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