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Brussels-based media platform for expertise and civil society initiatives for Ukraine and the EU

Who we are?

Promote Ukraine is an independent media and civil society platform that gives voice to experts from Ukraine and the EU on the issues relevant to both parties. It is a politically and governmentally independent organization with the seat in Brussels.

Our Mission

We are the voice of Ukrainian civil society in Brussels. We empower Ukrainians to take up their role as free European citizens.

Our Impact

We boost the visibility of Ukraine within the EU. We strive for a behavioural change in relation to Ukraine and Ukrainians in terms of mutual respect, dignity and responsibility.

Our Goal

We promote Ukraine in political, business and non-governmental circles of European countries and we support the application of European values in Ukraine.

Our Task

Promote Ukraine seeks to facilitate relations between the European Union, its member states and Ukraine by walking the paths of culture, know-how, organisation, cooperation, information and entrepreunership.

Our Method

The long-term perspective of Promote Ukraine is to establish a network “Successful Ukrainians – Prosperous Ukraine” – a network of people who are ready to use their skills and time in benefit of Ukraine.

Our Values

We act according to the principles of mutual respect, inclusion, autonomy and support. We strongly believe that it is people that make the change happen.

Our History

How it was?

The non-profit organization, Promote Ukraine, was started on the 9th of May 2014 with the aim to improve the image of Ukraine within the EU. The improvement of the image of Ukraine is vital for the dignity and fulfilment of every Ukrainian who resides in their home country or abroad. The success of each Ukrainian will result in prosperity of our country. Hence our slogan: Successful Ukrainian – prosperous Ukraine!

Since 2014 Promote Ukraine has proved itself a reliable partner of international institutions and organisations. We have organized more than 70 events in Kyiv and Brussels. We organised human rights conferences at the European Parliament. In June 2015 we participated in a business forum, where we represented Ukrainian SMEs. In June 2016 we organized a business seminar on agriculture with the aim to boost business connections between Ukrainian and European companies.

We launched the project “Promote Ukraine Culture”. Thus, a Belgian author Niels Smeets voluntarily invested 2000 hours to write a book “Ukrainian Grammar for Dutch Speakers”, and we provided him with the platform to boost the visibility of the book since the purpose of the book is not a commercial, and the goal is – to promote the Ukrainian language in Belgium and the Netherlands. We have also published Niles’ e-book “Ukrainian-Dutch Dictionary”. In 2016 we have started Kids Club for Ukrainian Language – Sovenyatko, and in 2018 – Ukrainian Folk Dance classes – Soveniatko Dance.

We have established a training cycle for Ukrainians of Belgium in order to help them develop their skills and competences. We have already had 10 training sessions since December 2015.

Our project “Promote Ukraine Media” includes our op-eds and video-reviews “UA in EU Watch”, a bi-weekly review of European Media on Ukraine. With this project we aim at extension of our own Russian-speaking media platform The purpose of that web site is – to popularize European values among the population of Eastern Ukraine and deliver accurate information to the Russian-speaking population of Europe.

“Promote Ukraine Analytics” includes a yearly conference on relevant topic. Also, in 2019 we are launching the Journal “Brussels-Ukraїna Review”.

“PU Woman” is a gender equality project that includes EU-Ukraine Women in Politics and Brussels-Kyiv Women in Business.

In 2019 we are launching LEADS Ukraine – a mobile and web application to facilitate connection between different stakeholders related to Ukraine in Europe.


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"It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to speak at events of Promote Ukraine. I believe that such initiatives are absolutely necessary in order to introduce such an important and beautiful European country like Ukraine to foreign audience."

"In the course of the past two years Promote Ukraine has matured into a credible and effective opinion maker in projecting a nuanced image of today’s Ukraine abroad".

"International NGO that is changing the perception about Ukraine in Brussels and the European Union"

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