Brussels-based media platform for expertise and civil society initiatives for Ukraine and the EU

Who we are?

Promote Ukraine is an independent media and civil society platform that gives voice to experts from Ukraine and the EU on the issues relevant to both parties. It is a politically and governmentally independent organization with the seat in Brussels.

Our Mission

We are the voice of Ukrainian civil society in Brussels. We empower Ukrainians to take up their role as free European citizens.

Our Impact

Our Impact. We boost the visibility of Ukraine within the EU. We strive for a behavioural change in relation to Ukraine and Ukrainians in terms of mutual respect, dignity and responsibility.

Our Goal

Our Goal. We promote Ukraine in political, business and non-governmental circles of European countries and we support the application of European values in Ukraine.

Our Task

Promote Ukraine seeks to facilitate relations between the European Union, its member states and Ukraine by walking the paths of culture, know-how, organisation, cooperation, information and entrepreneurship.

Our Method

Our Method. The long-term perspective of Promote Ukraine is to establish a network “Successful Ukrainians – Prosperous Ukraine” – a network of people who are ready to use their skills and time in benefit of Ukraine.

Our Values

We act according to the principles of mutual respect, inclusion, autonomy and support. We strongly believe that it is people that make the change happen.

Our History

How it was

Since its establishment on the 9th of May 2014, Promote Ukraine went through several transformations. Consisting of Ukrainians of Belgium, it was perceived as a diaspora organization. Nevertheless, our main goal has been to deliver the truth about Ukraine not only to the Belgians but also to other European audiences – ordinary citizens, experts, and politicians. It was also important for us to follow up on the democratic process in Ukraine itself. Therefore, we perceived ourselves as an international NGO where our members could apply analytical skills to create such instruments as articles, videos, podcasts, and at the same time, give a platform to others to do so through interviews, conferences, round tables, and other events.

Today, Promote Ukraine has several unique instruments to promote European integration of Ukraine with the help of expertise. First of all, we re-organized the website in order to give more space for EU-Ukraine-Russia relevant news, commentaries, and interviews from Ukrainian and European experts and policymakers.

We launched a printed and online journal, called Brussels Ukraїna Review which we share among policymakers of Ukraine and the EU. We invite experts from Kyiv and Brussels but also from other capitals of the European Union to share their views in the journal. We will make sure that the right people read it.

We launched a mobile application Leads Ukraine to share events on Ukraine, organized by NGOs, embassies, analytical centers (think-tanks) of all over the world, as well as information from these organisations such as statements, calls, policy papers, etc.

Every week we make a European Press Review where we summarize issues related to Ukraine that were mentioned in German, Dutch, Belgian, French, Austrian, Swiss, and Italian newspapers. This, to constantly have an idea about the image of Ukraine in Europe.

We launched a series of sociological surveys on important topics where there is a common element for Ukrainians and Europeans. Together with the Institute of Sociology of the Kyiv National Economic University we form questions and analyze answers.


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"It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to speak at events of Promote Ukraine. I believe that such initiatives are absolutely necessary in order to introduce such an important and beautiful European country like Ukraine to foreign audience."

"In the course of the past two years Promote Ukraine has matured into a credible and effective opinion maker in projecting a nuanced image of today’s Ukraine abroad".

"International NGO that is changing the perception about Ukraine in Brussels and the European Union"

Promote Ukraine