We need the EU’s support. And not only for support in the fight. We need justice in the broad sense. Impunity for Russia’s crimes, reluctance to recognise PMC Wagner as a terrorist organisation, insufficient attention to Russia’s alliances with Iran, Hamas, and other criminal groups and authoritarian regimes, attempts to flirt with the enemy, and naive faith in negotiations lead to the escalation of international armed conflicts. Marta Barandiy, editor-in-chief of the Brussels Ukraїna Review magazine, PhD in Law from the Saarland University, founder and president of Promote Ukraine, wrote in her opening statement.

She emphasised, “In this context, Oleksandra Matviichuk, laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize 2022 and head of the Center for Civil Liberties, noted in an interview with Unlock Ukraine that every victim must receive satisfaction, every criminal must be punished. Punishment of the Russian top leadership and the responsibility of the Russians must be inevitable. There can be no statute of limitations here.”

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Promote Ukraine Team

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