Ukraine Solemnly Marks 30th Anniversary of Independence Day

Ukranian soldats parade

A record number of guests will arrive in Ukraine to participate in the celebration of Independence Day, including heads of state, representatives of foreign governments and parliaments. In total, more than 30 delegations from countries and international organisations are expected to arrive.

As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, more than 150 festive events will take place throughout the country. They are all united by the “You are my only one” slogan, which symbolises the vision of Ukraine’s independence as a dream that many generations of Ukrainians have been striving to achieve.

In particular, a parade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take place today on the central street of the capital to symbolise the strength of the country’s independence. The events are planned with the participation of representatives and equipment of all forces of the security and defence sector of Ukraine and partner countries.

In addition, a gala concert will be held with the participation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will present a new goose step made on the basis of the step of the Sich riflemen of the Ukrainian People’s Republic army in 1918, but with modern elements. In parallel with the traditional part of the parade on Independence Square, a parade will take place on the Dnieper River. And for the first time in 30 years of Ukraine’s independence, a column of the Ukrainian Air Force will fly in the sky.

In the evening, the festive show “Independence is in our DNA. Independence Day of the Country” will kick off at the NSC Olympiyskyi. It will be attended by pop stars, opera and ballet dancers, as well as a symphony orchestra. Without pauses and stops, the performers will pass a kind of “baton” to each other and create a single composition of dozens of songs that are iconic for independent Ukraine.

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

Natalia Tolub

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