The total damage caused by the Russian Federation due to Crimea annexation reaches one trillion hryvnias. That amounts to almost a quarter of Ukraine’s gross domestic product in 2019.

Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine Gunduz Mammadov stated this.

“According to preliminary data from criminal proceedings, only the damage in the Crimea reaches one trillion hryvnias. It is not a fixed amount because the Russian Federation aggression continues, as well as the citizens’ rights violations in the occupied territories of the peninsula and Donbas,” Mammadov said.

He added that this amount was evaluated based on preliminary data from the materials of criminal proceedings opened by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Mammadov clarified that these are proceedings in high-profile cases, such as the Crimea capture and the war outbreak in Donbas, the Ukrainian sailors’ detention in the Kerch Strait, the MH17 flight case, the Ilovaysk and Debaltseve tragedies, and others.

In total, the Department for Supervision of Investigations of Crimes Committed in Armed Conflict, responsible to the Deputy General Prosecutor, investigates almost 200 such criminal proceedings.

To recap, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea estimated the losses caused by Russia’s annexation of Crimea at UAH 1trn 80bn 352mln in 2019.

Bohdan Marusyak

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