On 16 March 2022, Russian airstrikes hit the Mariupol Drama Theatre building. Hundreds of people were hiding in the theatre to stay safe from shelling.

Even the large inscription “CHILDREN” in front of the entrance to the theatre did not stop the attackers. The exact number of victims of this terrorist act is still unknown, but the Mariupol City Council announced about 300 dead.

Our hearts break with pain for the victims of this horrific attack. Mariupol is now a ghost town; 90% of the city’s infrastructure was destroyed by the Russian invaders.

Russia is still trying to hide its war crimes, but we need to open the eyes of the world to Russian terrorism. The guilty must answer in court.

If you want to hold Russia accountable, come to the March. Open the eyes of world leaders!

  • 25/02, 11:00
  • Rogier metro station

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