On 13 July, Russian Federation rebels violated the ceasefire agreement 18 times. They used 120- and 82-calibre mortars banned by the Minsk agreements, as well as grenade launchers of different systems, large-calibre machine guns and small arms, the presscentre of the Joint Forces Headquarters reports.

The enemy repeatedly used 82-calibre mortars, grenade launchers and machine guns toward the defenders of Avdiivka and Pyshchevyk.

The occupiers also used grenade launchers of different systems and small arms near Kamyanka and Slavne, and large-calibre machine guns and small arms near the Pervomaiske.

In the operational and tactical group “North” (Luhansk direction) responsibility area, the highest rebels armed activity was observed near Luhansk, Krymske and Orikhovo.

In these parts of the front, the enemy fired 120-mm mortars.

In addition, they placed fire through 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers of different systems and large-calibre machine guns on defenders’ bases near the Khutir Vilnyi.

The situation was not calm near Mayorsk. In the afternoon, the aggressor used hand-held anti-tank and automatic machine grenade launchers, large-calibre machine guns and small arms here.

The Russian armed forces also fired on the №2 Zolote, launching a 120-mm mortar shell.

During the evacuation of a dead serviceman near the Zaitseve village, the recovery team was ambushed by rebels when moving to his place of death.

The enemy ruthlessly shot the recovery team with small arms at point-blank range. A military doctor was killed, one soldier was wounded, and another suffered  injuries. Further evacuation measures became impossible since the enemy continued firing from grenade launchers of different systems and large-calibre machine guns. The bodies of Ukrainian defenders are currently at the shooting place and need to be evacuated.

In total, three Ukrainian defenders were killed, one was wounded and another was injured during the past 24 hours.

According to confirmed intelligence data, the Joint Forces fighters killed one and wounded two rebels last night.

Natalia Tolub

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