#2 Ukraine: Up to date

In Promote Ukraine’s podcast series “Ukraine: Up to date” we present you the current hot topics so you can stay on top of things that are happening in and around Ukraine! This week we are talking about the following topics:

00:39: Ukraine Honours Memory of Soldiers Killed Defending Donetsk Airport

02:54- United Kingdom Intends to Support Launch of Donbas Economic Transformation Strategy

04:56- Ukraine Sets Date for Crimean Platform Summit

06:46- Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry Wants to Hold Yandex Accountable for Activities in Occupied Crimea

08:49- Ukraine’s Security Service Neutralises 600 Cyberattacks, Exposes 20 Hacker Groups in 2020

10:27- Leonid Kravchuk: Transfer of Prisoner from Uncontrolled Territories to Medvedchuk Suspended

14:23- Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Kremlin’s Statements about Kyiv’s Withdrawal from Minsk Agreements Are Another Attempt to Justify its Aggressive Policy

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