#3 Ukraine: Up to date

In Promote Ukraine’s podcast series “Ukraine: Up to date” we present you the current hot topics so you can stay on top of things that are happening in and around Ukraine! In this week’s episode we talk about:

00:38- Over 5,000 Russians Detained During Protests in Support of Navalny

03.17- EU Wants to Provide Ukraine with Financial Assistance, Coronavirus Vaccine

05:12- Kremlin Continues to Play Double Game on Donbas Issue

07:24- Ukrainian President’s Office comments on Biden-Putin conversation

09:38- Emine Dzheppar at UN Peacebuilding Fund Replenishment Conference: Russia Ignores Call for Peace

11:31- G7 Ambassadors Present Roadmap for Judicial and Anti-Corruption Reforms in Ukraine

14:35- Powers of Russian Delegation to PACE Challenged

16:51- Russian Federation Finances Anti-Ukrainian Activities of Extensive Network of Online Agitators

19:39- Moscow Turns Over Control of Donbas Economy to New Supervisor from Kyiv

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