This is stated in the video BioTexCom, which deals with human reproduction.

Human Rights Ombudsman Lyudmyla Denysova commented on the situation: “Ukraine has once again been at the epicenter of scandals over the protection of the rights of children born by surrogacy. A video showing 46 children who are currently staying in one of Kyiv’s hotels has been spread on social networks and on the official website of one of Kyiv’s clinics. All these children were born by surrogacy to foreign nationals from different countries. This video is a confirmation that the situation with the provision of surrogacy services by such a clinic is massive and systemic, and surrogacy technology is advertised and presented as a “high-quality product”.

Lyudmyla Denysova believes that this shows that the state does not take all appropriate measures to protect the rights of children and treat them with dignity, and Ukraine is becoming a donor country for the birth of children for foreigners, whose fate it can not control.

“I emphasize that surrogacy in Ukraine is a problem that requires a comprehensive and immediate response. The provision of such services to foreign nationals can primarily lead to violations of children’s rights and a situation in which Ukraine is unable to protect its citizens. I note that at present, it is necessary to amend the legislation of Ukraine and consolidate the requirements for the possibility of using reproductive technologies by surrogacy exclusively for citizens of Ukraine. Children in Ukraine should not be trafficked,” said the ombudsman.

Denisova appealed to the National Police of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with a request to respond immediately to the situation around children born with surrogacy. It calls for a concerted effort to urgently improve legislation on the use of surrogacy reproductive technologies for foreigners and to prevent the uncontrolled export of children abroad.

A few weeks ago the European press wrote about the situation around 46 children, who cannot be taken home by French, Italian, and other foreign families who have used the services of surrogacy, due to quarantine regulations.

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