In one of the villages of the Donetsk region, an attempt was made on Valentyna Buchok the released from the captivity of the so-called “DPR“. The woman exploded on an explosive device set up in her yard by unknown individuals.

This was announced by the head of the East Ukrainian Center for Public Initiatives Volodymyr Shcherbachenko.

 Valentyna openly and fearlessly testifies about the crimes of the so-called DPR, and is also conducting several lawsuits against DTEK Corporation. This is not the first attempt to assassinate Valentyna. Previous attempts have remained uninvestigated by law enforcement agencies,” the activist wrote.

The woman was hospitalized with severe shrapnel wounds.

The information was confirmed by blogger Denys Kazansky. According to him, “given that Valentyna Buchok is usually a woman of retirement age, who has no business or important position, her life could be attempted only because she isn’t afraid to give interviews and tell about the crimes of militants”.

Valentyna Buchok was arrested by Russian mercenaries in 2017 and charged with espionage. She was held captive and tortured at the captured Cultural Center Izolyatsia in Donetsk (militants set up a prison there). At the end of 2017, the woman was included in the list of people who were fired for exchange.

After her release, she spoke openly about how the militants were mocking the hostages, naming the names of the criminals.

As it became known, the attackers threw a grenade in the yard of the Buchok house earlier. Then her husband found the ammunition. This crime remained uninvestigated by militiamen.

Bohdan Marusyak

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