Alexey Navalny: G7 Demands that Russia Bring Perpetrators to Justice

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The G7 countries called for Russia to urgently clarify who is responsible for the poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, and bring the perpetrators to justice. The G7 foreign ministers’ statement declares this.

“We, the G7 Foreign Ministers, call for Russia to urgently and fully clarify who is responsible for this poisoning attack, and bring the perpetrators to justice, bearing in mind Russia’s commitment under the Chemical Weapons Convention,” G7 stated.

The Foreign Ministry statement also said that Germany had informed G7 partners that the clinical and toxicological findings of German medical experts and the German Specialised Laboratory indicated that Mr. Navalny was the victim of a chemical attack with a Novichok nerve agent, developed by Russia.

The G7 representatives believe that the attack on Navalny is a severe blow to democracy and political diversity in Russia.

“This case poses a serious threat to those men and women who defend the political and civil liberties that Russia has committed to guarantee. We call for Russia to fulfil its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and to guarantee these rights to its citizens, including the right to freedom of expression. We will continue to closely monitor how Russia will respond to international calls to explain the horrific poisoning of Mr. Navalny,” the G7 foreign ministers emphasized.

Natalia Tolub

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