Tourist Ukraine surprises with a variety of beautiful places and locations. That is why guests from different parts of the world come to us more and more often, and Ukrainians travel around their homeland actively. After all, Ukraine has picturesque panoramas and breathtaking mountain scenery, magnificent areas and landscape parks, and numerous historical and cultural monuments. For the 29th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence, Promote Ukraine explored magical and undiscovered corners of Ukraine together with experts.

Sergey Kirichenko, director of inbound tourism development for the tour operator Join UP!

In recent years, the leaders on visiting Ukraine have been citizens from Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Israel, who cross the border mostly on family or work issues. As a holiday destination, Ukraine is popular among the citizens of Belarus and Israel. Travelers from India, Saudi Arabia and China come for tourist purposes, too.

Among the main must-see objects are Chernobyl, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, parks “Mezhyhirya” and “Mamayeva Sloboda,” and the Tunnel of Love in the Rivne region. By the way, the latter is a must-see for newlyweds from China. Couples can’t imagine their trip to Ukraine without romantic pictures.

The most popular places among tourists include those that not all Ukrainians know about – for example, the Museum of Missile Troops in the Kirovohrad region. This museum is the only one of this kind in the world. It is located on the territory of the former missile base near Pervomaisk. Previously, the area was classified. So, getting into it became possible only in 2001.

Travelers from all over the world, as a rule, admire the nature of the Carpathians and Kyiv. Tourists also emphasise the Ukrainians’ hospitality and service quality.

All the guests of Ukraine find tasty and affordable cuisine. Everyone knows about Ukrainian borsch, the dish “chicken Kyiv” and dumplings. A popular dessert among many tourist groups is dumplings with cherries. In general, the feedback about Ukrainian food is always the same: quite filling and extremely tasty.

The choice of gifts and souvenirs from Ukraine by different countries’ representatives is pretty noteworthy. For example, Chinese tourists are very fond of amber. Tourists from the Middle East take Ukrainian honey with them. One says that in the Emirates and Qatar, honey is valued higher than gold. Some people adore our salo and try to take it with them, while others consider bringing “Kyiv cake” as a gift necessary. Liqueurs, Carpathian tea and Vecherniy Kyiv candies are also in good demand.

Elizaveta Zagrebelna expertElizaveta Zahrebelna, PR agency MAINSTREAM

What is unusual in Ukraine?

  1. Western Ukraine is full of mysterious places. One of them is the village of Dzembronya in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. It is one of the most mountainous villages in Ukraine and a great place to hide from the world, and escape from civilisation and all the problems related to it. Do not miss the opportunity to see Munchel stream here, which flows into the incredible Dzembron waterfalls. The total height of the waterfall reaches 100 m and its highest cascade is10 m.
  2. The village of Bakota is not plotted even on the map. Its location is the Podilsky Tovtry National Park, which became one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine in 2008. In 1981, the gradual rise of the Dniester began here, which lasted for six years and took several dozen villages underwater. Now, this place offers a breathtaking view of the river, surrounded by slopes and mountains.
  3. For fans of horror, the Pidhirtsi estate is worth visiting – a mysterious place with a mystical history. Legend says that the last owner mocked his wife and then walled her up alive. Locals often say that she still wanders the corridors of the castle and looks for the revenge. But this did not stop French writer Honore de Balzac and thousands of tourists from around the world who visited the estate for recreation.
  4. Oleshkivsky Sands is the biggest desert in Europe. Nature here is so atypical for Ukraine that it is a must to visit them. Many people pass by the forest to Skadovsk, not even assuming that there is a real desert behind it.

The most attractive area for tourists, where one can get on a tour, is the forest-free area; the  diameter reaches 15 km. Here one can feel as if they are in the middle of the Sahara Desert. It’s a great place for quad bike riding and photo shooting.

  1. Dzharilgach is the largest and second-longest island in Ukraine and the Black Sea. It is uninhabited. Quite small, it warms up well in summer. The water temperature rises to 30 degrees. Even 10 years ago on this island, no more than a couple of dozen people could be met. Now, there are comfortable beaches and entertainment.
  2. Would you like to see Ukrainian canyons, which in their geological and landscape indicators recall the famous North American ones? Then you should come to Aktovsky canyon. This area is also called the “Devil’s Valley.”

The canyon is located on the Mertvovod River near the village of Aktove. Its depth reaches 40-50 meters, and the area exceeds 250 hectares. Climbers will find certainly find what they can do here.

Igor Chava expertIgor Chava, director of the municipal enterprise Tourist Information Center of Drohobych, the Agency of Tourist Initiatives head

Locations worth visiting in the west of Ukraine:

  1. Pidhirtsi estate. History tells that it was built in the 17th century. Over time, it was rebuilt and got its modern look in the late 19th century. During the Soviet regime, it became a children’s camp, and then it fell into disrepair. Now, a local business cares about it, and is renovating the building.

According to the plan, the palace was to be a place of solitude for its owners. To do this, they created a park around the estate, which later became the first Galician arboretum. Of course, not everything has survived, but what is left will surprise visitors. In particular, there is a plane tree, which is 500 years old and considered one of the oldest trees in Europe.

  1. There is a church in Boryslav, where almost all the saints were gathered, up to 1020. Church of St.Anna is known throughout Ukraine, because it may be the only church with such a history.
  2. Drohobych Saltworks is one of the oldest enterprises in Europe. The first written mention of Drohobych salt dates from 1390. Salt was and still is a real business card and a medieval brand of Drohobych. Drohobych salt is unique and has no analogues in Europe in terms of manufacturing technology and taste.


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