Congratulations from Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine

Anka Feldhusen

Congratulations on Independence Day, 24 August 2021, for Promote Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians, I sincerely congratulate you on the 30th anniversary of your country’s independence! I am happy that I can celebrate this special birthday of Ukraine with you. Ukraine is a young and attractive country located in the heart of Europe and has done much over past 30 years. The Revolution of Dignity changed the country, many reforms are being implemented or have already been implemented. Now I am in Ukraine on the third tenure, and I am very pleased to see the great progress and the great changes that have taken place here. Today’s Ukraine cannot be compared to Ukraine I saw in the 1990s, when I first came here as an assistant.

I am glad and happy that I have been able to observe the development and modernisation of your democratic country for almost all these 30 years. In addition, the impressive wide landscapes, countless fields and lakes, creative places, and fashion industry of Ukraine attract an increasing number of tourists from around the world, including Germany.

Ukraine–Germany relations have become closer over the years. Since Ukraine’s independence, Germany has supported and will continue to support Ukraine on the path to reform. Sustainable development of cities and communities in the process of decentralisation and judicial reform are especially important to us. After all, if there are transparent and clear structures and institutions that support each other, the implementation of other reforms also speeds up.

Today, Ukraine faces many challenges. But it does not stand alone in the face of these challenges. Germany will continue to support independent, free, and democratic Ukraine! Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine Anka Feldhusen

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