Anka Feldhusen: Build-Up of Troops on Ukraine’s Border Gave Putin Opposite Effect than Expected

Anka Feldhusen

Having amassed troops on its western borders and in Crimea, the Russian Federation attracted the attention of many countries to Ukraine, and thus the Russian Federation suffered a positional defeat in this situation.

“If you consider the current situation with the build-up of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, then, in my opinion, Russia has suffered a positional defeat. After all, the political focus of many countries today is on Ukraine. Both in Europe and in America. Over the past month, Germany’s attention to Ukraine is much greater than a year ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic began and everyone was concerned just about this topic. In other words, Putin had the exact opposite effect than he expected,” Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen said in an interview with Glavcom media outlet.

According to her, it is now difficult to predict how the escalation of tensions by Russia will end. At the same time, the Ambassador noted that the world now had a whole array of information about the Russian army.

“Today we have all the maps with the deployment of Russian troops, all the statistics. This is also good because now we can have a complete picture and assess the risks associated with these troops,” Feldhusen said.

Commenting on the assumption that Putin’s goal is to achieve a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden by escalating the situation in the centre of Europe, the Germany’s Ambassador said that it was unknown how soon it would take place. “But I don’t think Biden is afraid of telling Putin personally what he thinks,” the Ambassador summed up.

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