On 13 October, at 15:30 p.m., we will be gathering near the NATO headquarters!!!

Every day, Russia threatens the world more and more. Mobilisation announcements, fake referendums, and a Kremlin show about annexing Ukrainian territories are Russia’s criminal actions, which are actively supported by the majority of the Russian population! And this undermines the security situation not only on the European continent.
Direct threats of using nuclear weapons can no longer be ignored! Now is the time to prevent a catastrophe, the impact of which could be blown by the wind across the planet.

On 13 October at 15:30 p.m., we are gathering near the NATO headquarters to demand:
• Supply Ukraine with a larger amount of necessary weapons!
• Organise large-scale training for the Ukrainian military!
• Completely ban Russians from visiting all NATO member countries! Why do the people who support criminal actions of criminal authorities still have the possibility to visit safe NATO countries?

The Ukrainian military is doing incredible things right now, liberating one settlement after another from the occupiers! It’s time to actively support Ukraine with weapons so that Ukrainian territories are liberated as soon as possible! #ArmUkraineNow 

We are waiting for everyone at the demonstration! We will be very happy if the citizens of NATO countries support us and come with their flags! Bring your banners and flags! #ArmUkraineNow



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