On 13 October at 3:30 p.m., we are gathering near the NATO headquarters!!!

On the morning of October 10, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukrainian cities. The missiles hit a number of civilian and critical infrastructure objects, including a children’s playground in the heart of Ukraine’s capital.
The civilised world must respond to this with more than just “concerns.”

Concrete action is needed from the international community: Ukraine must be provided with all necessary weaponry, including air defence systems.

Russia has long been plotting a strike on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. In future, such incidents will repeat more often, and with the onset of cold weather, they will yield a particularly devastating effect.

On 13 of October, we will gather in front of the NATO HQs during the Meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence to call NATO members to:
Supply Ukraine with weapons.
Approve Ukraine’s application to join NATO under an accelerated procedure.
Organise large-scale training for the Ukrainian military (possibly in cooperation with the European Union).

Putin will stop where he is stopped, and where Russia’s military resources will be exhausted. Europe is now under an unprecedented threat for the first time since the end of the Second World War. Ukraine is an outpost for the defence of the civilised world and is in desperate need of even more military and political support. This is an investment of the civilised world in its continued existence.

Join our protest!


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