As part of the Promote Ukraine Connect project, we invite you to the new format of the painting master class “Van Gogh’s Women.”When: 25.11.23 from 14.30 to 17.00

This is a magical mix of drawing and acting improvisation. Accompanied by the artist Olga Adam, we will draw a portrait of Madame Jean, the famous painting by Van Gogh.

Our model is guest actress Olga Andrievska, who will immerse you in the acting world of images and acting.

Of course, there will be a lecture-excursion into the history of the great artist and his complicated relationship with love!

So, in the program:

– Stories about Van Gogh’s women

– Drawing from nature

– Acting mini-studies of improvisation with your participation on the topic of Van Gogh’s relationship with women.

You can bring goodies with you to share with each other. Be sure to bring a small canvas and a bright accessory from the image of the painting.

Address: Station Europe, Pl. Luxembourg, 1050, Brussels

Registration is mandatory +380933250393 (whatsapp/viber)

See you there!

Promote Ukraine Team

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