MP of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Belgium Georges Dallemand made a working visit to Ukraine together with founder and president of NGO Promote Ukraine Marta Barandiy. They visited several Ukrainian regions, including the Lviv region, the Holos Bushchyny media outlet reports.

“Thank you for the assistance that the Kingdom of Belgium provides to our country. And for your position in the international arena in support of Ukraine. It is very important for us. Thank you for the security and humanitarian aid. We will win much faster having such friends,” said Maksym Kozytskyi, Head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

As Dallemand said, Belgium became a refuge for 58,000 Ukrainians who were forced to flee their homes. Most people were invited to live in families.

“In recent years, I have been astonished by Ukraine’s achievements in many spheres, particularly, in the sphere of democracy. I strongly believe that you should become a member of the European family and, of course, a NATO member. That’s why I’m here to learn about your needs in various areas,” said the MP.

Kozytskyi informed the guest that the Lviv region had received more than 600,000 displaced people, while more than 400,000 remained in the region, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

The main burning issues include the accommodation of IDPs, in particular the vulnerable categories with various needs, as well as the provision of qualified services. It is about the support for geriatric and psychoneurological facilities, children deprived of parental care.

Kozytskyi emphasised that the recent missile attacks, destroying power substations in the region, once again demonstrated that Russia was at war against the civilian population, depriving them of access to necessary services.

Therefore, the need for alternative sources of heating, electricity, and communication has also increased.

“What is critically needed before winter starts: mobile stationary heating points, warm clothing, diesel generators, heat guns, cell phone charging stations, etc.,” Kozytskyi said.

Healthcare needs were discussed, in particular, medical equipment and medicines, backing prosthetics and psycho-emotional support projects implemented in the Lviv region.

It should be noted that Georges Dallemand arrived in Ukraine at the beginning of March this year. Then, he handed over body armour, tourniquets, helmets, and night vision devices to Ukrainian soldiers.

This time, together with founder and president of NGO Promote Ukraine Marta Barandiy, he delivered first-aid kits, vehicles, and body armour.

“We have already provided more than 1,000 people, both civilians and military, with medicines, tourniquets, body armour, helmets, ambulances, and military vehicles. We are doing everything for Ukraine to win, and we deliver and will deliver here everything necessary for this,” Barandiy stressed.

“We discussed everything related to the various assistance that the Lviv region needs. We received information about all needs. I will convey all this to my government. My main goal is for my country to help Ukraine more and more,” Dallemand added.

Source: Holos Bushchyny

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