‘Book of Torturers’ to Tell About War Criminals from Russian Army

victims of war

A special information system – the “Book of Torturers” – will be launched next week in Ukraine. It will contain the confirmed data on war criminals from the Russian army.

“Next week, a special ‘Book of Torturers’ is planned to be launched – an information system that collects confirmed data on war criminals and criminals from the Russian army. I have repeatedly stressed that they will all be held accountable. And we are approaching this step by step,” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said in his video address.

According to him, the information system will contain specific facts about specific people who are guilty of violent crimes against Ukrainians.

“Such a ‘Book of Torturers’ is one of the foundations of the responsibility of not only the direct perpetrators of war crimes – soldiers of the occupying army – but also their commanders. Those who gave orders. Those who made possible everything they did in Ukraine. In Bucha, in Mariupol, in all our cities, in all the communities they have reached. Everyone will be brought to justice,” Zelensky stressed.

As a reminder, on 14 April, the Verkhovna Rada officially recognised the actions of the Russian armed forces and the political and military leadership of Russia during the full-scale war against Ukraine as genocide against the Ukrainian people.

To date, the parliaments of Estonia, Latvia, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and the Senate of Ireland supported the recognition of the actions of Russian troops in Ukraine as the genocide against Ukrainians.

Bohdan Marusyak

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