British Embassy Employee Detained in Germany on Suspicion of Spying for Russia


On Tuesday, 10 August, German law enforcement detained a British citizen on suspicion of espionage in favour of Russian intelligence in exchange for financial rewards.

As the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office informs, the suspect, whose name is not disclosed under German privacy law but who is called “David S.,” works at the British Embassy in Berlin.

The Criminal Police Department officers detained him in the city of Potsdam on charges of passing documents to Russian intelligence since November 2020. After the suspect had been detained, searches were conducted at his apartment and workplace.

It is reported that representatives of the United Kingdom and Germany jointly participated in the investigation into the case of the suspect, to whom the Federal Court will soon apply a measure of restraint.

David S. was a local employee at the British Embassy in Berlin. The arrest warrant states that “he sent documents obtained in the course of his professional activities to a representative of Russian intelligence at least once.” In exchange for the information, the man received an unknown sum in cash.

Bohdan Marusyak

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