The ease of quarantine rules on the European continent allows us to fulfil our plan of presenting you the third issue of “Brussels Ukraine Review”. The previous, April one has been done just online because of the quarantine restrictions, and it is still available on our web site. However, it is the printed version to depict more comprehensive view of the present Ukraine and the world. Here we dared to capture the maximum snapshot of modern life ranging from its virtual level (digitalization and misinformation) to the most physical and materialistic one – the land market; from the matters of “geopolitical” honour (e.g. investigation of mind- breaking cases in the international courts) to apprehension of Ukraine’s strategic perspectives in the coming decades. Through the lenses of journalistic analytics, interviews with the ambassador and the member of the EU parliament, the survey results (another pilot initiative of our team), we offer you, our Reader, an overview of the agenda relations between the European Union, Ukraine and Russia.

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