Care4Ua is an online platform launched by “Promote Ukraine” providing support to the most vulnerable groups in Ukraine via selling Ukrainian handmade around Europe!

What is the gist of this platform and why is it useful?

In times of wars, economic crises, epidemics, quarantines, social problems, and needs are exacerbated, and the ability to overcome them is reduced. As always, the most vulnerable groups suffer the most – orphans, people with disabilities, retirees, especially if they are also displaced. It is impossible to help everyone alone, but to help at least someone collectively is totally real. Many do it anyway, but to protect the “most needy” many of us need a “second breath” to continue good deeds, because we all, of course, learn to provide for our own needs first after another social upheaval. Therefore, our platform is not only about charity, but also about socially responsible entrepreneurship, which pursues the following goals:

  • provide an opportunity for artists to reach out to a wider audience and enter new markets, in particular in Europe
  • raise funds for the needs of target audiences (orphans, people with disabilities, retirees) on a permanent basis
  • to promote a positive image of Ukraine in the world, not as a victim state, but as a country with many talented craft(wo)men who help their own fellow citizens with deeds, and not merely words

How does this work in practice in numbers?

  1. Ukrainian artists display their craftworks on the online platform Care4Ua at market value (100%) in accordance with the Community Rules
  2. Ukrainian artists determine their share of income from sales in percents (from 0%, i.e. pure charity, to 40%, i.e.moderate earnings)
  3. Moderators withhold 10% for logistics and administrative costs and transfer the rest (from 50% to 90% of profits as charitable contributions to partner organizations
  4. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development doubles all funds donated to charity if the financial target is achieved before the deadline.

The ongoing project is aimed at supporting official UNHCR partner, Humanitarian NGO “Proliska”, taking care of nursing homes for IDPs with 5,000£ by November 2020. This project is a “salvation” for those who are left without any hope and possibility to have decent living conditions. At each stage, all funds are transferred and used in a transparent and accountable manner thanks to the JustGiving service.

How can I join?

– If you are an artist, send your work to the moderator according to the Community Rules

– If you are a connoisseur of Ukrainian handmade and have the opportunity to make a contribution to the cause by purchasing goods, browse for updates on the Care4Ua platform

– If you are a connoisseur of Ukrainian handmade and care about the cause, but do not have the opportunity to make a purchase, extend the invitation to join the platform among your friends

– If you are not yet a connoisseur of Ukrainian handmade, then follow the activities of “Promote Ukraine”. Ukraine has many talents and pearls. It will be an honor for us to introduce you to at least some of them!

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Let’s Care for Ukraine Together!

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