United States to Impose New Sanctions Against Russia

The U.S. is imposing new sanctions against Russia. The sanctions are aimed at causing significant economic damage to Russia. The decision to impose them was made after statements by U.S. officials about new evidence of […]

European Countries Expel Russian Diplomats

Due to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, European countries are rethinking their attitude to security issues and are more careful in assessing the activities of Russian diplomats. Denmark announced the expulsion of 15 Russian intelligence officers […]

EBRD Suspends Russia and Belarus Funds Access

Development (EBRD) approved a historic decision on the application of Article 8.3 of the Agreement establishing the EBRD and the suspension of access to EBRD resources for the Russian Federation and Belarus. "These fateful decisions, initiated by […]

Russia Forcibly Deporting Ukrainians to Its Territory

Russia is massively deporting Ukrainian citizens from the occupied territories. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls on all forcibly deported Ukrainians to report their data to the nearest Ukrainian embassy. "We recommend that […]

Captive Russian Occupiers Sent to Special Camps

Special camps have been set up in Ukraine for captive Russian occupiers as required by the Geneva Convention. "As for prisoners of war, even medical care is provided to them at almost [the same] level […]