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chaud2.2 * Electro Brunch

Friends, we invite you to visit the summer festival chaud2.2 * Electro Brunch this Saturday!

These have been difficult months and there is still a lot of work ahead! Therefore, such festivals are a chance to rest well, meet interesting people, and enjoy the music! There will also be an opportunity to purchase charity merchandise and support Promote Ukraine and Ukraine!

A pleasant moment is the evening program, during which the wonderful Katarina Dariy will play for you!

Katarina Dariy is a melodic house & techno DJ and producer from Kyiv, currently based in Antwerp. She craves deep and sensual sound.
Guided by her Ukrainian heritage and freewheeling spirit, she gives intense and electrifying experiences. Katarina has showcased her music on stages all over the globe.

She is finally back on stage in Brussels at the chaud 2.2 Summer festival of the Pianofabriek cultural center. In addition to music, Katarina is actively volunteering and raising funds to support Ukraine.

Come with your friends! See you on Saturday!
Info about the event:

Info about the evening program with Katarina:


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