On the night of 4 December, Ukrainian citizen Yevhen Holubev was killed during an incident on the Ukraine-Russia border, Radio Liberty reports with reference to a source in law enforcement.

The man shot dead by Russian border guards was well known to Ukrainian law enforcement officers. He was a defendant in several criminal cases and was charged with hooliganism and robbery. The man often traveled to Russia’s Belgorod region bordering Ukraine where he had friends.

Despite the victim’s criminal record, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers still shot dead a civilian, a citizen of another state, and did not present any evidence of his aggressive actions during the detention, the source said.

At the same time, the interlocutor noted that smugglers usually do not carry weapons as it is easier to “make a deal” with Russian border guards for money in case of detention. Therefore, it is possible that Ukrainian citizen Yevhen Holubev fell occasional victim to Russian border guards. In turn, the scenario of a “heroic” operation on the border resembles an attempt to cover the responsibility of FSB officers for the murder of a civilian.

The Russian side has not yet released information about the killed citizen of Ukraine.

As a reminder, on 4 December, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation reported that the shooting had taken place on the Russia-Ukraine border. According to the Russians, three unknown gunmen allegedly tried to break into Russia from the territory of Ukraine.

The FSB stated that one person was killed and another two persons “disappeared “in the territory of Ukraine after a shootout with border guards.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine later reported that the Russian side had not provided evidence of violations of its border from the Ukrainian side.

Bohdan Marusyak

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