Counterintelligence detained the warship commander who worked for Russia

SB Ukraine

Military counterintelligence detained the Ukrainian warship commander. He tried to pass defence data to the Russian classified authorities, the Security Service of Ukraine reported.

The captain II rank left for the occupied Crimea without his command permission. There the officer contacted the Russian classified authorities and received a Russian passport. According to SBU operative data, he was about to resign from the Armed Forces of Ukraine soon.

The criminal case was instituted, the data which the detainee intent to pass to Russia was stripped. The serviceman was resigned from his post, and his access to a state secret was cancelled.

Let’s remind that counterintelligence detained the general of SBU Valery Shaitanov in April and called him the keeper of the terrorist attacks in Ukraine. In 2014, Shaitanov headed the SBU Special Operations Center. He fought in the Donbas, planned the operations of the Alfa troops there. According to the investigation, he was an agent of FSB Colonel Igor Egorov.

Natalia Tolub

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