Bombed houses, frost, lack of electricity, and lost lives of Ukrainians. For many residents of Ukraine, this is a daily reality.

In February 2022, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians needed help more than ever. Therefore, a week into the war, De Liberale Wereld organisation collected aid and brought it to Ukraine. Almost a year passed which brought even greater suffering to people.

Therefore, concerned Brussels residents decided to once again focus on the affected areas in Ukraine. On 11 February, De Liberale Wereld representatives are going to Kyiv. In the capital, its suburbs, and villages, they will help Ukrainians with water, food, and other essential goods. In addition, people in dangerous situations (the elderly, people with disabilities, etc.) will receive help as far as possible.

To carry out this important work, De Liberale Wereld collects donations to the account BE43 7310 3923 9101.

The money will be used to buy fuel for the mission, medical supplies, and other essential goods.

The following goods are required: quality sleeping bags (-5 °C), satellite phone(s), first aid kits (approved by NATO), canisters, over-the-counter medicines.

The organisation will make every effort to post regular mission updates. In any case, a detailed trip report will be made later.

 De Liberale Wereld thanks NGO Promote Ukraine which does a fantastic job and provides a car to make the mission to Ukraine possible.

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