The Kremlin understands that the de-occupation of cities that have been occupied by Russians for more than eight years will open up new mass graves of civilians, the genocide of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine by Rashists, which will be difficult to hide.

“People close to me lived in the occupied territory during the first stage of the Russian invasion in 2014-2015. When they managed to evacuate, they said that the Rashists did approximately the same as in Bucha and Izyum in many towns of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions (they raped, killed, and tortured people). Due to the occupation and total false propaganda, this did not get into the media, or they tried to present the crimes of the Russians as “the actions of Ukrainian saboteurs,” etc. And those who opposed or witnessed war crimes disappeared or were intimidated,” said Roman Burko, the founder of the international intelligence community InformNapalm.

He added that he would not be surprised if the Ukrainian army once again defeated the rashist mobilised groups and drove them to the border – Putin would give the order to strike at the Luhansk region or Donetsk region with tactical nuclear weapons (allegedly to stop the advancing forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine). But the intelligence of Ukraine and partner countries and Western agents who are in Russia will warn us in advance, and the Ukrainian forces will have time to maneuver. So, the strike itself will actually bury Donbas and turn it into an exclusion zone – it will be “the last gesture of goodwill” and, at the same time, the last step that will lead to the complete international isolation and collapse of Russia.

Natalia Tolub

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