Ahead of G7 Summit, our team addressed the G7 leaders with an open letter calling them to hold Russia accountable by confiscating Russian state assets to support Ukraine’s reconstruction and defence.

“We urge you, the G7 leaders, to adopt decisive and necessary measures to confiscate Russian state assets as a means to force Russia to stop the killings and humanitarian tragedies caused by its unjustified aggression in Ukraine. This action is vital to prevent a broader humanitarian crisis and potential war escalation. Utilising Russian state assets as compensation for the damages inflicted on the Ukrainian people and its economy is currently the only viable way to restore international justice.”

On 13 of June the G7 leaders will gather in Apulia, Italy to demonstrate their strong determination to uphold the international order based on the rule of law.

Among others, the countries will discuss their collective response to the Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, including the options to seize Russian immobilised assets.

The open letter to G7 leaders has been signed by NGOs, think-tanks, diplomats, EU officials, and professors from leading world universities. Among others the initiative was supported by Francis Fukuyama, Michael McFaul, Tom Keatinge, and James Nixey.

The full text of the letter and its signatories you can find here: https://www.ukrainianhub.eu/…/open-letter-to-the-g7…


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