The demonstration for Ukraine’s Armed Forces Day Heroes among us stands as a testament to the resilience of our spirit, despite the heavy rain and gusty winds.

As we gather at the solemn meeting place, the grave of an unknown soldier, we are reminded of the importance of honouring those who have sacrificed for our freedom. With memories of the First World War echoing here, we pay tribute to the brave souls who have defended our nation.

Saturday’s demonstration is not just about the present but a reflection of our collective commitment to uphold the legacy of our heroes. Through rain and wind, we stand united, acknowledging the sacrifices made by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They are the real heroes among us, and their bravery will always be remembered in our nation’s history.

We extend heartfelt thanks to Promote Georgia for their co-organisational efforts, in making this event possible.

Thanks for the photo, Anastasia Varvarina.

Promote Ukraine Team

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