The residential sector has suffered the biggest losses. At least 129,900 buildings have been destroyed or damaged, of which 114,700 are private buildings and 15,100 are apartment blocks. Such an assessment was given by experts of the Centre for Economic Strategy, the Kyiv School of Economics, and other partner organisations within the framework of the “Russia will pay” project.

In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 388 enterprises, 1,991 shops, 511 administrative buildings, 18 civilian airports, 764 kindergartens, 634 cultural facilities, 27 shopping centres, and 28 oil depots have been affected. About 105,200 passenger cars have been destroyed.

It is important that the total amount of reconstruction needs takes into account only the reconstruction of destroyed objects according to the Build Back Better principle, taking into account modernisation and the additional need for liquidity to restore the activities of enterprises.

At the same time, this assessment does not take into account the general needs for economic recovery, as well as additional needs for the modernisation of assets that have not suffered damage and destruction.

According to the Government’s estimates, taking into account these categories, the total need for financing the recovery and modernisation of the economy is $750 billion.

Natalia Tolub

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