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Promote Ukraine sends big thanks to each and everyone for participating in Europe Day for Ukraine march and charity concert

Donation results from Europe Day for Ukraine march and charity concert:

Promote Ukraine sends big thanks to each and every one for participating in the Europe Day for Ukraine march and charity concert. Before and during the event you have been donating to support Ukraine!

After adding up all your contributions, we are glad to announce that with common efforts, we have raised 23,710.5 EUR of funds for Ukraine!!!

Thanks to all the volunteers for preparing hand-made souvenirs and to designers Nina Dzyvulska and Inna Ruda for helping us create beautiful t-shirts, bags, and other goodies!

Thanks to Eugene Klopotenko, who treated everyone with borsch and raised with his team 2930 EUR for products for Ukrainians in zones of a humanitarian catastrophe!

Special thanks to all the volunteers who were helping us on the spot during the day of the event keeping the strong spirit and uniting atmosphere for all the visitors!

The funds will be used to meet the current needs of Ukrainians impacted by the war.
Keep an eye on the social media of Promote Ukraine for updates, and join us for other events!


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