Donbas Conflict: “LNR” Barrier Squads Shoot at Deserters

militant "LNR"

One of the pro-Russian fighters, who had surrendered to the Ukrainian military in Donbas, said that the so-called “LNR” had formed barrier squads to shoot everybody who decides to capitulate or flee home.

The Joint Forces Operation press centre reported this.

“I live in Luhansk, went to serve as a marksman in June 2014,”  the detainee said.

According to him, after training, he was sent to the Mykhailivka-Maryivka checkpoint to check passports. Later, he built fortifications on the frontline.

“And then, they wanted to send us to the barrier squads. If any of us surrenders or flees home, we were ordered to shoot,” the man said.

He and his friend decided to surrender under the “Return Home Alive” program. To do this, both went to Zolote-5 settlement, where they split up.

According to the detainee, his comrade was shot by marksman from a barrier squad. He managed to reach the Armed Forces of Ukraine positions and surrender.

Bohdan Marusyak

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