During the past 24 hours, on 27 December, six shelling and one flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle were recorded in the Joint Forces Operation area. The Joint Forces Operation headquarters reported this.

According to the report, all six violations were committed in the operational and tactical group “East” responsibility area. Thus, near Vodyane, in the Azov region, illegal armed groups used 120- and 82-calibre mortars and grenade launchers of different systems. As a result of the shelling, one serviceman from the Joint Forces received combat injuries. The soldier was quickly taken to a medical facility where he received the necessary medical care.

The enemy also fired 82-calibre mortars and small arms near Lebedynske and fired from small arms near Maryinka.

It was noted that pro-Russian militants opened fire on Ukrainian positions from automatic machine guns and hand-held, anti-tank grenade launchers near the Avdiivka village. They applied a drone to adjust the fire, but the operative actions of the Ukrainian electronic defence equipment stopped its further use.

Natalia Tolub

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