Elections in Donbas can take place after full de-escalation

Donbas army

The Tripartite Contact Group regular meeting with the participation of Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE took place.

Within the working group on political issues, the Ukrainian delegation provided the parties with a calendar plan for the preparation and organization of the local elections within the period established by law.

However, the Ukraine representatives reiterated that the elections in Donbas are possible only after full de-escalation, foreign military units and equipment withdrawal, illegal armed groups disarmament and the restoration of the Ukrainian government control over the state border in the conflict zone.

The Ukrainian side also reemphasized its readiness to open two new checkpoints in Luhansk oblast. The delegation is ready to provide security guarantees for the period of its infrastructure construction by the temporarily occupied territories, under the condition that the works are really carried out.

Besides, the meeting participants discussed the issue of the lists harmonization for the mutual release of detainees. The next round of consultations within the TCG is scheduled for July 8.

During previous consultations, Ukraine insisted on the restoration of Ukrainian laws in the ORDLO. Also, the Ukrainian side stressed the necessity to conduct public and private property inventory in the temporarily occupied territories.

Natalia Tolub

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